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Welcome to Leyte Samar. At Leyte we care about our community and colleagues and believe that is the key to our business consultancy growing and helping other businesses to do the same. This helps to create a atmosphere of success leading to productive ideas and solutions that only help you further advance your marketing efforts.

Aspects that we specialise in is brand identity and internet marketing. We believe in the internet and it’s strength to further promote your business. There is millions of people searching the web everyday and many of them are your potential business customers. The key to being successful on the internet is to bring both online and offline together. Therefore also focusing on things such as your branding is highly important. This can be via a number of different ways that maybe through the something as simple as hiring someone to design a new logo for your business and then tying that in with effective branding on all your clothing and business cards. The next step would then be to get this put onto an ID card and then this can act as a formal form of ID for your business.

Having an ID card for your business almost acts as a constant form of marketing for your business. If it is made policy that all staff must have the ID card around the neck at all times then every time a potential customer has any form of interaction with your staff they will see the professional outlook and this will portray well with your branding.

To be able to make this connection with on and offline marketing you need all the correct tools to be able to make it happen. The first is for the internet and producing the clients that will come back to your business time and time again. That is where Leyte Samar come into play. We will look after the driving of traffic to your website, we have also partnered up with a leading supplier of ID card printers and ID Badge Holders called Lesar UK. This allows you to get the best price and product for your needs. Once you have your cards sorted you may also need to look at getting some lanyards to hold your cards. We went with a personal approach getting the lanyards personalised to our business. Lesar have a great offer at the moment which you can see at . At this point you have everything you need to be fully set up with your brand identity.


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