5 marketing tips that you will use for life.

Retail marketing Is forever changing and can always be challenged, a lot of business owners forget or don’t realise that POS system is a power house and comes packed with tools that you can help keep marketing running smooth. Here are 5 tips that will benefit your business if used correctly.


  1. Target the Correct Audience


Have you ever heard the question or maybe you have been asked yourself,  ‘Who is your ideal customer?’, a lot of business owners would in fact answer ‘anyone’. They are wrong, it is always way more successful if you can accurately pinpoint your perfect customer and then try and find more people like him or her. It is always clever to re-search your ideal customer before making any investments in radio ads, TV ads and even social media campaigns. You need to learn a lot more about the people who come into your shop and walk out with a bag full. Learn their general age, what type of music they like… where they go to relax. All these things will help drastically when it comes to targeting your customer.


  1. Customer satisfaction with Loyalty and other Programs.


Many studies have shown that a happy customer is more likely to spend money and they are more likely to be loyal to your brand. If someone has a good experience in your store then they are more likely to pass that information on to friends and family, like if they had a bad experience they would tell people not to go to the store and this can have a heavy effect on your business. Your customers will be delighted to know that they can earn points that translate to bigger rewards just by purchasing items they were going to purchase anyway, and most of the time they buy more just because of the rewards. Make sure to utilize your POS’s data to determine the structure of your reward system. What products in your shop are great sellers and might be incentives for points? Which items do you want to move? Perhaps those items have a small amount of points needed for a reward. Don’t’ forget to give big rewards for those who refer friends who spend. And don’t worry, your POS will keep track of everything so you can evaluate your progress along the way.

  1. Valuable Emails


It can take time to build an email marketing list; however, in today’s marketing world—your list is your goldmine. Try to provide valuable content instead of sending emails that scream, “Buy my stuff!!” For example, if you want to sell scarfs. Give tips on how to wear scarfs, then ask for the sale. Additionally, evaluate your email open rates, subject lines, and sales with your POS. What buzz words typically get the most open rates? What types of email content gets the most attention? Then do more of what is working.


  1. Texting!

Consider building a text (SMS) list with your POS. Keep in mind just because someone opts into your email list doesn’t mean they want texts too. Be courteous and ask. Your customers will appreciate it. Reports show that 95% of texts that are sent are read. Your most loyal customers will be on your text list. Maybe you’ll want to kick up the promotions a bit on this one, but you’ll want to also be sure to have a strategy in place for promotions, frequency of texts, and how your sales staff will redeem text message promotions.


  1. Upselling


This is a very common tactic that a lot of people use. Especially in sales. How do you go about adding more profit to a sale before making the final transaction? You can get your POS to remind staff to upsell. “Would you like to add a $5 item to your purchase?” In this case, it’s nice to have a display right next to the counter if not on the counter displaying the items. Other small items placed near the point-of-sale are also key to impulse buying. If your employees know the sales that week they can remind customers. “Did you see that we had the buy-one, get one turtle-neck on sale? It would go great with these jeans you are already purchasing.” Even if the customer doesn’t buy, a little nugget was placed in their mind. Who knows, they might come back after thinking about it for a day or two.


There are hundreds of other ways that you can utilize your POS system in your marketing efforts, but if you start with these simple ideas then you should be on your way to better sales. For more about POS systems please check out our other blogs or give us a call today.

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