Tips for Running a Succesful Online Business

Tips for running a successful business online.

The world is constantly connected, the internet has brought about a new era in connectivity and the world as I know it. Along with other things such as smartphones, the internet has changed business forever.


Organize your web assets.

This is more than just organising your business, web assets can be anything from social media pages, hosting accounts and your website. All assets should be optimized for your brand. An example is your webpages and social media, these should be kitted out with the relevant and most impactful keywords for your industry. This will help majorly when it comes to google rankings. It is worth some research on the task because the results you get for implementing them right are outstanding.


Do you know who your competition is?

Every business should know its rivals, it is key that you know who you are up against and what they bring to the table. This is very important as it will help you keep moving with the industry and times, you should also be aware of which social media platforms your competitors are using as you can replicate what they are doing to show customers that you are there. We would also recommend looking at your competitor’s keywords as you can do so using a few tools google provides.


Keep and maintain customer records safely and effectively.

A major issue in business is keeping customer records locked up and safe. You have a legal obligation to protect ANY customer information you have obtained online, we recommend that you store information on separate devices and have multiple back-ups. Your security systems should be updated regularly and controls should be used to prevent all employees having access, only a select trusted few should have access.


Invest in good internet providers.

If you are running an online website and are online all day then you need a good internet connection. This is crucial because you may think that sacrificing the best for a cheaper alternative is clever but you will soon realise that you simply cannot act as fast on orders and this can cause issues especially for big orders. Effectively, a bad internet connection can impair and slow down business.


Ensure and protect your brands online reputation.

Much like any business, online business is impacted heavily by brand reputation, even the tiniest mistake can forever taint your brand, you need to be aware of what people are saying about your business. If you set up google alerts then that means whenever someone mentions your business you get notified. Have a clear guideline when it comes to branding and social media, this way people know exactly what is expected of them when posting on behalf or representing your company. Also, learn the fact that the customer is always right (even when they are far from it) this allows you to adopt the mindset of solving problems… you are more focused on what you can do right next time rather than how the customer doesn’t know what to do.


Be persistent.

It’s not common for a business to become an overnight success, this is something we all have to accept in the business world, however if you keep at it and continue to do the right things then it will pay off eventually, you just have to stay focused on your goals.


Stay with the times.

The online world is not the real world and things act very differently depending which you are using. The thing about the internet is that because so many people are connected at once then it means that the trends of the time will change dramatically. It’s not just competing with local businesses in your area, when it comes to the internet you have to compete with a whole industry. Realising this is key to being on top of the marketing and branding tree.

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