About Us

Welcome to LeyteSamar! Our site is an information & advice hub that provides the community with relevant information regarding the latest and greatest strategies, trends and business moves. Our team post new 100% original blogs very frequently to ensure our readers are interested and getting the information they need. We post about various topics such as the usefulness of an ID card system and also things like where to get the best deals on personalised lanyards and badge holders. From everyone here at LeyteSamar we hope that you find something to your interest on our site and if not then please don’t be shy and recommend a topic for us to cover in a new post!

We have been an online advice site for nearly 3 years now and we have always been free and there for the community! The members of out team are very passionate about the topics we cover and they like to look after the site in their spare time. We all work in our respected sectors but give back to the community this way!

What do we specialise in?

Aspects that we specialise in is brand identity and internet marketing. We believe in the internet and its strength to further promote your business. There is millions of people searching the web every day and many of them are your potential business customers. The key to being successful on the internet is to bring both online and offline together. Therefore, also focusing on things such as your branding is highly important. This can be via many different ways that maybe through the something as simple as hiring someone to design a new logo for your business and then tying that in with effective branding on all your clothing and business cards.

Why is our Advice free?

If you have any questions about what we do and the blogs we post then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the form on the contact us page.