Welcome to the Frequently asked Questions page! 

Each day we receive questions from out beloved readers and we understand that it can be a pain to wait for a reply. That is why we have added this page containing some of the most Frequently asked Questions.


Q1 – What sectors do LeyteSamar specialise in?

A1 – LeyteSamar are specialists in all things business, from security to marketing we cover it all. The question would be more useful if it said what sectors DON’T we specialise in! We are sure that we are able to help you one way or another no matter the issue.


Q2 – Why should I follow your posts?

A2 – Well, the decision to keep updated with our posts is ultimately your choice. However, we would like to say that all of our content is 100% original which means you won’t find the same post anywhere else (unless they copied us!) which is really useful in the business world as we all love to keep great tactics to ourselves.


Q3 – As you operate on the internet, do you specialise in internet marketing.

A3 – Yes! Mostly, we like to focus on the new trend of Social media campaigns. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional marketing methods then we strongly advise you check out some of the campaign tips and tricks we have posted in the past. We understand the future of marketing and we are ready for whatever the internet decides to do next, with our help… you will too!

We hope that you can find what you are looking for! If not then please use the form on the contact page to get in touch.